Cajun Fire


Welcome to Cajun Fire — where the fire is the heat of specialty hot sauce; the warmth of hand knit hats and scarves; and the illumination of individually decorated record clocks, boxes, bottles and tins.


I have finished updating the available hot sauces. The Paypal has been set up. And I have even got the shipping down now, within the United States. I needed to take a break from the PayPal setup so I have not worked out the international rates yet. If you live outside the US and would like to purchase anything please contact me and we can work out shipping. I will be working the international shipping in the coming weeks.


Due to the one of a kind nature of the knitted goods and the clocks etc. on VuDu Maelstrom I will not be adding those items to Paypal. Please use the contact page to order those items.


I am still figuring out the capabilities of the site program but it appears that if you sign up as a member I can e-mail all of you when I post a new sauce. So, please sign up.




Michelle Moltz & Leslie Kliebert

I am currently switching jobs again and therefor have no hot sauce available. When I have time to make more I will put them up.